Basic comparison between the Vivid 7 and the Vivid i

7 Feb

GE Healthcare has innovated powerful ultrasound imaging platforms to offer new, innovative technology of dimensional proportions. Among the models innovated is the Vivid scanners. The newest model is the Vivid 7 scanner replacing the Vivid i type of scanners.

You may find it hard to change to vivid 7 if you are used to an alternative scanner. Again, a new buyer may have difficulties choosing the best scanner when it comes to their performance. To crack the hard nut, let’s compare the vivid 7 and vivid i in terms of performance then choice can be easy.

The new GE Vivid 7 has an Ultra-Definition Clarity Control which gives multiple 2D that is smooth-edged. It also aids in creating 4D images for cardiac and vascular imaging. The GE Vivid i however have only the Phased-array energy changing technology for 2D and Doppler imaging even though it has multi-focus for quality image optimization.

Vivid 7 scanners boast of Blood Flow Imaging capability that provides enhanced view and analysis of delineation of directional blood flow in vessels. This adds to its 4D Tissue Synchronization Imaging provides a spectrum of tissue movements enabling physicians determine tissue velocity in 4D and accuracy. The Vivid i on the other hand only has the Tissue Doppler Imaging Technology.

The Vivid i also uses Real-time 4D Imaging for cardiac exams giving doctors accurate heart structure and function but the Vivid i relies on Live Anatomical M-Mode in situations where the heart is out of position or has its shape altered.

Rather than depend on the MPEG to compress imaging into files for transfer as experienced with the Vivid i, the GE Vivid 7 uses Real-Time Full Volume option which creates 4D images that are relayed online during scanning. This technology gives physician  real-time information for the all functions around the patient heart.


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