Effect Of A Transducer In A Ultrasound Machine

22 Oct

At all cost, having a better clear picture during body examining can improve someones medication. For most pregnant ladies, body imaging by means of ultrasound machine is something that is now widely accepted, but to ensure that everything is put in order, a transducer must behave as per the function. This is a specific component that enables the ultrasound machine process and give clear images, otherwise they cannot be obtained. Transducer parts come in and vary in both shape and sizes, this depend on specifically the part of the human body that is being imaged.

To ensure that the transducer work effectively, they are rated to work at different frequencies. For example, if a pregnant lady having early pregnant ultrasound, then the trans-vaginal ultrasound transducer is the most effective type to be used here. On the other hand, if you are having a ultrasound for a pregnant lady during the first 9 months, then a transducer of a working frequency ranging from about 3.5 megahertz to 5.0 megahertz know as curvilinear is used.Philips-iE33-Transducer-D2cwc-CW

All transducer are used on the basis of the type of study and the type of the tissue to be viewed. To help the transducer work at different ranges, they are all designed such that can be adjusted to a particular frequency range.
It has come to a point in the world, that most people do worry of the kind of ultrasound machine or transducer to be used during their examination, all ultrasound staff and tech can know the type that fit for your exam. In order to give positive outcome, they must be some certain preparation that have to undertaken. Therefore, as a patient ensure that you take all precautions carefully. Clear images can only be seen if some gel type solution is applied on the tip of the probe. If the admission fail to consider this aspect, then poor image are going to be evidenced.

This is a professional task and your level of preparedness matters a lot or you may be forced to be postponed for the examination for some other time.


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