Types Of Ultrasound Probes

29 Aug

Ultrasound probes are also known as transducers. These are in fact medical diagnostic devices capable of emitting ultrasound waves in patients’ bodies in order to transmit computer data that are then turned into internal body images, called sonograms. The ultrasound waves are able to bounce off the bodies’ boundaries and masses in order for their echoes to be recorded by ultrasound probes and then interpreted on computers that create a sonogram. Usually, the ultrasound probe has to be placed on the body of the patient being examined and moved over that area which has to be viewed. Due to the fact that water is known to conduct sound waves, a gel based on water has to be placed on the skin of the patient for the ultrasound waves’ movement facilitation. Moreover, patients coming in for obstetric ultrasounds must have a full bladder.

The ultrasound probe’s crystals change their shape and also emit ultrasonic waves any time they get supplied with electrical current. The sound waves then bounce back until they hit quartz crystals. In turn, these produce electrical current which is sent through the probe in the computer. The current variations can really help when it comes for the computer to see masses and shapes in the human body. In fact, this type of electrical current represents the one used by computers in order to create sonograms.  Ultra Sound Probes

When it comes to ultrasound probes, these can come in various sizes and shapes, as they have to be used in different body areas. Nonetheless, probes are commonly used externally and have soap’s size, being flat or just a little bit curved on their transmitting end. In what concerns vaginal ultrasound probes, these are special, as they have to be used during pregnancy in order to locate the fetus. This kind of ultrasound probe is more slender and longer than outside probes, as is has to be inserted in the vagina in order to get an image of one’s uterus. Similar probes can be inserted into the esophagus or the rectum in order to visualize patient’s stomach, colon, prostate, and so on.

Ultrasound technology can be used in numerous ways nowadays. However, the most famous kind is the prenatal ultrasound test. Nonetheless, ultrasounds can be used as well for diagnosing heart conditions, circulation problems, blockages, tumors, and so on. In addition, ultrasound probes are known for also being able to treat kidney stones. Generally, they are safe and do not affect patients in any way. However, they still must be handled safely.


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