Basic comparison between the Vivid 7 and the Vivid i

7 Feb

GE Healthcare has innovated powerful ultrasound imaging platforms to offer new, innovative technology of dimensional proportions. Among the models innovated is the Vivid scanners. The newest model is the Vivid 7 scanner replacing the Vivid i type of scanners.

You may find it hard to change to vivid 7 if you are used to an alternative scanner. Again, a new buyer may have difficulties choosing the best scanner when it comes to their performance. To crack the hard nut, let’s compare the vivid 7 and vivid i in terms of performance then choice can be easy.

The new GE Vivid 7 has an Ultra-Definition Clarity Control which gives multiple 2D that is smooth-edged. It also aids in creating 4D images for cardiac and vascular imaging. The GE Vivid i however have only the Phased-array energy changing technology for 2D and Doppler imaging even though it has multi-focus for quality image optimization.

Vivid 7 scanners boast of Blood Flow Imaging capability that provides enhanced view and analysis of delineation of directional blood flow in vessels. This adds to its 4D Tissue Synchronization Imaging provides a spectrum of tissue movements enabling physicians determine tissue velocity in 4D and accuracy. The Vivid i on the other hand only has the Tissue Doppler Imaging Technology.

The Vivid i also uses Real-time 4D Imaging for cardiac exams giving doctors accurate heart structure and function but the Vivid i relies on Live Anatomical M-Mode in situations where the heart is out of position or has its shape altered.

Rather than depend on the MPEG to compress imaging into files for transfer as experienced with the Vivid i, the GE Vivid 7 uses Real-Time Full Volume option which creates 4D images that are relayed online during scanning. This technology gives physician  real-time information for the all functions around the patient heart.


Buying a Modern Ultrasound Scanner: What to Know

1 Feb

An ultrasound scanner uses high frequency sound waves into the body create an image and are therefore used to examine body organs. However ultrasound can also be used as therapy like for improving blood circulation, pain relief among others.
Before one buys a computer based ultrasound scanner special thought should be placed on the work the scanner is expected to do. This is essential since it will guide you while choosing frequency, size and model. GE LOGIQ 9 for instance, has new volume features which can perform at the highest level and consequently detect new information on a patient. This model allows you comfort and efficiency while carrying out both therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasound scans.
Another thing to consider is ease of movement. If your scan choice needs to be move, ease of mobility should be a priority. The scanner should be either light or have wheels. If one buys the GE LOGIQ 9, you are guaranteed of easy transport since it’s fitted with four swivel wheels.GE-Logiq-9-Transducer-E8C
The aim of a scanner is to generate images from within the body. Quality of images a scanner produces is therefore fundamental in choosing a computer based scanner. Clear image is dependent of the power, frequency and feedback time but at the same time the level of frequency determines the depth of signal penetration. The GE LOGIQ 9 has advanced technology that gives you improved resolution and stunning image quality, enhancing diagnostic capacity.
Computer based ultrasound scanners are technical therefore you should consider how to acquaint yourself with it and also how to maintain it. Warranties and service agreement should be put to check. GE LOGIQ 9 has a comprehensive online user manual that guides the user. With a new model computer based ultrasound scanner like the GE LOGIQ 9, healthcare services will be improved and accurate.

Ultrasound And It’s Parts

17 Dec

Inside the modern times Philips  ultrasound gadgets  have become to get called most effective than any other kind of this type. Philips ultrasound examination organization has become one of the biggest producer of electronic digital, therefore which allows consumer to save some cash bin the actual dooms period of economic crisis . When this occurs, endeavours upon any kind of obtainable opportinity for conserving money can be remarkably valued. The particular issue involving fee decline as well as productivity might be some that is certainly confirmed.

Considering that the business offers certified employees, it has emerged that many goods can be found in which has a choice of offering buyer the advantage of saving money, the idea here is by way of or perhaps by simply their particular method associated with running along with lower energy ingestion. Presently on the planet we live in, demands a breeding ground where every little thing even though use could be reused and provide a new beneficial merchandise.hd11
Later in use, several electronic have a tendency to free his or her effectiveness when it comes to calibration, making a number of strange sound, graphic spikes or even zero picture recording whatsoever, such medical diagnosis could be slightly associated with dessert to the professional. Considering that the evolution of a hypersensitive troubleshooting equipment, this product has the capacity to quickly detect the purpose of malfunction. The pc health-related items are completely dependable about effectively as well as proficiently only managing the issue. Simply by simple terms, the information is only restored inside the files support where info is obtainable, this sooner or later relieve the process offering strategy to clean and okay rectification.

It is always preferable to take high interest, especially in some part with the philips ultrasound. The following pieces are incredibly hypersensitive:

– Your display- The standard of any kind of image depends upon this kind of component.
– Your keyboard- It’s just like just about any personal computer, in which details from the affected person will be entered. It needs to be simplicity for usage.
– The particular printer- Good info is required for later, so the machine must be within a condition to make all this documents comfortable.

Check your appliance motion.

Effect Of A Transducer In A Ultrasound Machine

22 Oct

At all cost, having a better clear picture during body examining can improve someones medication. For most pregnant ladies, body imaging by means of ultrasound machine is something that is now widely accepted, but to ensure that everything is put in order, a transducer must behave as per the function. This is a specific component that enables the ultrasound machine process and give clear images, otherwise they cannot be obtained. Transducer parts come in and vary in both shape and sizes, this depend on specifically the part of the human body that is being imaged.

To ensure that the transducer work effectively, they are rated to work at different frequencies. For example, if a pregnant lady having early pregnant ultrasound, then the trans-vaginal ultrasound transducer is the most effective type to be used here. On the other hand, if you are having a ultrasound for a pregnant lady during the first 9 months, then a transducer of a working frequency ranging from about 3.5 megahertz to 5.0 megahertz know as curvilinear is used.Philips-iE33-Transducer-D2cwc-CW

All transducer are used on the basis of the type of study and the type of the tissue to be viewed. To help the transducer work at different ranges, they are all designed such that can be adjusted to a particular frequency range.
It has come to a point in the world, that most people do worry of the kind of ultrasound machine or transducer to be used during their examination, all ultrasound staff and tech can know the type that fit for your exam. In order to give positive outcome, they must be some certain preparation that have to undertaken. Therefore, as a patient ensure that you take all precautions carefully. Clear images can only be seen if some gel type solution is applied on the tip of the probe. If the admission fail to consider this aspect, then poor image are going to be evidenced.

This is a professional task and your level of preparedness matters a lot or you may be forced to be postponed for the examination for some other time.

iu22 probes

12 Sep

The iU22 Ultrasound examination Program is a medical reader that uses ultrasound surf to analyze the inner body system components, such as muscle, joint parts, muscle tissue, veins and areas. The reader has innovative quantification features and 3D opinions of looked at body system components. The iu22 probes  Ultrasound examination Program can be used in cerebrovascular, gynecological and bone and joint picture resolution.

Philips’ new xMatrix delivers real-time volumetric checking to radiology as part of the business’s newest edition of the iU22 ultrasound reader. First designed into Philips’ echocardiography systems five years ago, a souped-up edition designed into the business’s leading iU22 on the RSNA display floor quickly records amounts in the stomach that can be interrogated in 2D aircraft whenever after the affected person has left the examination room. Two aircraft can be considered at the same time using Live xPlane. Pictures attracted from the amount can then be sent to any PACS.
Integrated with PureWave technological innovation, xMatrix works with the new X6-1 transducer. The mixture allows providers of different abilities to achieve the same excellent picture resolution, according to Philips. The key is the xMatrix transducer with components organized along the X and Y aircraft. The 9000 digitally managed components substitute the technical 3D arrays of the past, taking amounts of data that can be easily interrogated.iu22 probes

Today this volumetric technological innovation is available only in a stomach sensor / probe, but soon enough it will become available on Philips’ solid-state transducers for endocavitary, general, and little areas programs. While there is no specific schedule for the migration of this technological innovation, Philips professionals say the company is definitely advancing in this route.

Pure WaveAmazingly Technology
• The PureWave Amazingly Technology can be found at the heart of the iU22 Ultrasound examination Program. It increases the qualities of the ultrasound transducer, leading to an enhanced system picture excellent.Pure Wavedeposits substitute a more than 40-year-old piezoelectric content, the PZT, or lead-zirconatetitanate, ceramics or PZT-composites. PureWave deposits are more consistent and more pure than the traditional PZT ceramics.
Volume Imaging
• Volume picture resolution allows the iU22 Ultrasound examination Program to present 3D and 4D opinions of the looked at cells. Volume picture resolution is obtained by Philips as a result of several enhancements, such as iSlice, a volumetric show that reveals the cells in several amounts, and Change, an amount show method enabling the immediate creation of components that don’t generate reflects, such as the major veins and the compartments of baby minds and hearts.

Tissue Aberration Correction
Tissue Aberration Modification allows the iU22 Ultrasound examination Program to generate more specific tests of the adipose cells, or fat. Typically, it was believed that sound journeys through the adipose cells at a rate of 1,540 measures per second. However, Philips scientists have found that the actual rate is nearer to 1,450 measures per second. Accordingly, they have made upgrades to the adipose cells checking of the U22 Ultrasound examination Program.
Numerous programs are available for the iU22 Ultrasound examination Program, such as checking of the general system, little areas, perinatology, maternity checking, OB-GYN, breasts checking and general radiology checking.

The Newest Ultrasound Technology: Philips IE33

29 Aug

The newest ultrasound technology system is known as the Philips IE33. This is in fact a breakthrough product for the Philips Company, which has managed to bring a new light on the ultrasound technology. The purpose of this new type of ultrasound imaging is to discover cardiovascular problems or pregnancy. Ultrasound systems are usually utilized in order to diagnose health problems, but also to guide medical instruments during surgeries and other medical procedures like biopsies. In case they are used on pregnant women, these systems can provide reports of the pelvic areas and also of the uterus and the ovaries. Moreover, this type of system can also determine all types of cancer and testicular torsion. This procedure is not at all invasive, reason for which it is considered to be very safe. In fact, it is even safer than X-rays that expose patients to harmful radiations.

The ultrasound systems move images constantly and their scanning form is active. When it comes to the Philips IE33 XMatrix, this is considered to be revolutionary when it comes to ultrasonography. Its echo system can handle cardiac failure patient’s clinical requirements, including valvular failures, congenital heart diseases and heart diseases, as well. This great innovative system combines 3D and 2D images. It is thought to be highly effective in ultrasounds and echocardiograms too, as it provides clear ie33 In addition, it can also be used for transesophageal echocardiography, epicardial echocardiography and perioperative. It offers clear pictures, high resolution images and it can be used even for complicated automates stress exams. Moreover, it is very fast and consistent.

Another medical equipment pioneer comes in the form of the hd11xe system that is a comprehensive digital-imagine. This has also been launched by the Philips Company and is highly reliable, ergonomic and compact. It is perfect for satellite or specialized clinics and hospitals. It provides high-definition images and precise ultrasounds that can determine exact diagnostics. In addition, it has a powerful structural design that supports a continual specific-volume display and acquisition. Moreover, it is endowed with image-optimizing tools that are automated and broadband beam-forming. Furthermore, it offers 4D images that are highly flexible and valuable. All in all, it is considered a highly versatile model that can completely expand and offer clear digital cardio-vascular images.

With the stress-echo option that it highly flexible one can get multiple different high resolution images. In addition, the Philips IE33 Tissue-Doppler-Imaging and its TDI option can also offer colored images, plus timing and direction in myocardial function.

Types Of Ultrasound Probes

29 Aug

Ultrasound probes are also known as transducers. These are in fact medical diagnostic devices capable of emitting ultrasound waves in patients’ bodies in order to transmit computer data that are then turned into internal body images, called sonograms. The ultrasound waves are able to bounce off the bodies’ boundaries and masses in order for their echoes to be recorded by ultrasound probes and then interpreted on computers that create a sonogram. Usually, the ultrasound probe has to be placed on the body of the patient being examined and moved over that area which has to be viewed. Due to the fact that water is known to conduct sound waves, a gel based on water has to be placed on the skin of the patient for the ultrasound waves’ movement facilitation. Moreover, patients coming in for obstetric ultrasounds must have a full bladder.

The ultrasound probe’s crystals change their shape and also emit ultrasonic waves any time they get supplied with electrical current. The sound waves then bounce back until they hit quartz crystals. In turn, these produce electrical current which is sent through the probe in the computer. The current variations can really help when it comes for the computer to see masses and shapes in the human body. In fact, this type of electrical current represents the one used by computers in order to create sonograms.  Ultra Sound Probes

When it comes to ultrasound probes, these can come in various sizes and shapes, as they have to be used in different body areas. Nonetheless, probes are commonly used externally and have soap’s size, being flat or just a little bit curved on their transmitting end. In what concerns vaginal ultrasound probes, these are special, as they have to be used during pregnancy in order to locate the fetus. This kind of ultrasound probe is more slender and longer than outside probes, as is has to be inserted in the vagina in order to get an image of one’s uterus. Similar probes can be inserted into the esophagus or the rectum in order to visualize patient’s stomach, colon, prostate, and so on.

Ultrasound technology can be used in numerous ways nowadays. However, the most famous kind is the prenatal ultrasound test. Nonetheless, ultrasounds can be used as well for diagnosing heart conditions, circulation problems, blockages, tumors, and so on. In addition, ultrasound probes are known for also being able to treat kidney stones. Generally, they are safe and do not affect patients in any way. However, they still must be handled safely.